About Rob & Jill


We look forward to sharing our little slice of the wild and beautiful North Coast with you.

Jill and I went from vagabond travelers who pretty much crash-­landed in Point Arena to restaurant owners, land owners, then parents…all in a couple of years. Crazy. We’ve since expanded Uneda to include a catering business as well as a food truck, perfect for any catered function.

In our spare time (when we can find it) we travel the world chasing down the best meals. Eating is more than a business for us but a way of life. My cooking has been influenced by a wide array of global cuisine ­ everything from world ­class fine dining to basic but delectable street food.

Throughout our years in business, we’ve kept the same philosophy all along: use only the freshest local fruits and vegetables and the finest meats and poultry available. We believe in sustaining and supporting our local community all the while making kick­ass food.

Rob & Jill Hunter

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