The following menu shows a sampling of the dishes available from our kitchen. All prices are for food only, the service invoice is calculated separately based on the number of guests, location and menu.

• For an average of 55$ per guest, select 2 – ­3 hors d’oeuvres, one first course and one main course.
• For an average of 65$ per guest, select 3 – ­5 hors d’oeuvres, one first course and two main courses.

Substitutions will be made based on seasonal availability, and prices subject to market price fluctuations, which will be discussed with you before final pricing is determined. Email us for your personalized quote. These are only a sampling of possible menu items. We work with our clients to incorporate personal favorites or ethnic themes into each menu.


♦Arugula salad,tomatoes,basil,Humboldt Fog Cheese,balsamic vinaigrette
♦Local lettuces,shaved fennel,manchego,sherry shallot vinaigrette
♦Bitter greens,croutons,Reggiano,Caesar dressing
♦Mixed greens,pecans,Pecorino Toscana,citrus vinaigrette
♦Roasted Vegetable & Legume Examples:
♦Local kale and chickpeas
♦Quinoa with seasonal vegetables
♦Gigante beans with bacon and kale
♦Squash and lentils

Hors d’oeuvres A

Seasonal Crostini Options

♦White bean puree & shaved Reggiano
♦Nicoise tapenade
♦Wild mushrooms and local chevre
♦Porcini,fontina & cress
♦Tomatoes,mozzarella & basil
♦Tomatoes,boccorones,manchego & mint
♦Favabean,feta & preserved meyer lemon
♦House made sausage with roasted peppers
♦Sauteed Kale with house cured bacon & ricotta
♦Pork rillettes with cornichons & dijon

Hors d’oeuvres B

Bite Sized Appetizers served in a Chinese Spoon

♦Mini crab cakes with Thai green curry
♦House made gnocchi with saffron peas and parsley oil
♦Curried artichokes with Reggiano




Hors d’oeuvres C

Other Passed Items

♦Foie gras terrine toast points with seasonal fruit
♦House cured salmon with cucumber & creme fraiche
♦Hog Island oysters on the half shell

Fresh Spring Rolls

♦Gingered duck confit,mint,glass noodles & dipping sauce
♦Wild mushroom
♦Watermelon,mint,goat cheese salad wrapped in rice paper

First Course Ideas

♦Roasted corn soup with chevre cream & salsa verde
♦Celery root soup with marjoram oil
♦Arugula salad,tomatoes,basil,Humboldt Fog cheese & balsamic vinaigrette
♦Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with goat cheese,spinach & spiced pecans, with corn succotash & ricotta salata
♦Mixed lettuces,pecans,Pecorino Toscana & citrus vinaigrette
♦Asian pear,persimmon,Point Reyes blue cheese,pecans,cress& sherry shallot vinaigrette
♦Rabbit samosas,mint & sour cream
♦Crane melon with Serrano ham,figs & upland cress
♦House ­made rabbit terrine,pickled onion & dijon

Second Course Ideas

♦Roasted young chicken & romesco
♦Braised pork shoulder & gremolata
♦Lamb shoulder & herbed yogurt sauce
♦Roasted poblano stuffed with goat cheese,spinach & spiced pecans, with corn succotash & ricotta salata
♦Local lamb kebab & salsa verde
♦Pork loin & ginger confit
♦California sea bass & preserved lemon
♦Duck confit & salsa verde
♦Red wine braised beef short ribs & gremolata
♦Roast leg of lamb,oil cured olives & mint verde

Second course accompaniments

♦Polenta Baby basmati rice
♦Mashed potatoes
♦Oven roasted fingerling potatoes
♦White beans chickpeas
♦Celery root & potato gratin
♦French lentils

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