Uneda Catering

Family Style.

Our catering menus are always bold & rustic using fresh & locally available ingredients.

Generally our format is a selection of passed appetizers, salad & bread, and then either one or two main courses served family style on platters to each table. Usually the meat is on one platter and the vegetables and side on another.

We buy whole local animals for your event, so for example a pig will give us braised shoulder, roasted loins and sausages. For lamb or goat we would serve roasted legs, chops & ribs, and braised shoulder. Rabbit would be braised legs and roasted saddle. Ducks yield confited legs and roasted breasts. Chickens are roasted whole and cut French-style into eight portions. Fish is whatever is local, seasonal and best quality, roasted in the wood-burning oven very quickly and served immediately. Every meat and fish is garnished with a fresh herb sauce (gremolata, salsa verde, romesco etc.)

Vegetarian main course options are highly seasonal, and can be served family style at every table or plated and served to individual vegetarian guests. Choices include roasted & stuffed peppers, roasted whole cauliflower, stuffed baby squash, & couscous with dried apricot & nuts.

Seasonal Crostini

♦ Crab with radicchio & reggiano
♦ Pork rillette with mustard & cornichons
♦ Cannellini bean puree with shaved fennel & reggiano
♦ Wild mushrooms & goat cheese
♦ Tapenade & boccarrones
♦ Fava bean puree with rosemary, preserved lemon & feta

Bites in a Chinese Spoon

♦ Fried fish balls with caper aioli & mustard greens (GF)
♦ Mini crab cakes with Thai green curry
♦ Dumplings with saffron, peas & parsley
♦ Watermelon with goat cheese & mint (GF)
♦ Caprese (GF)


♦ Fried onion pakora with aioli (GF)
♦ Duck confit or vegetarian fresh spring roll (GF)
♦ Lettuce cups with sweet/spicy pork & fried shallots (GF)
♦ Curried quinoa fritter with raita (GF)
♦ Deviled eggs (GF)


Salads always feature local seasonal lettuces, endives, arugula….whatever is available. We can toss them with a variety of seeds, nuts, fruit, cheese, etc. We love sherry-shallot vinaigrette, or Caesar dressing with lots of fresh eggs.

Main Course Sides

Our sides are always vegetarian (unless otherwise stated) and often can be made vegan. Some of our favorites are gigante beans with grilled onions, Israeli couscous, polenta, french green lentils, potato/celery root gratin, black rice, & corn succotash.

All prices are for food only, the service invoice is calculated separately based on the number of guests, location and menu.

• For an average of 55$ per guest, select 2 – ­3 hors d’oeuvres, one first course and one main course.
• For an average of 65$ per guest, select 3 – ­5 hors d’oeuvres, one first course and two main courses.

Substitutions will be made based on seasonal availability, and prices subject to market price fluctuations, which will be discussed with you before final pricing is determined. Email us for your personalized quote.

These are only a sampling of possible menu items. We work with our clients to incorporate personal favorites or ethnic themes into each menu.

*** (GF) Gluten Free